Open your account in minutes

Opening an account is easy, there is no paperwork to worry about and you don't have to find the time to go to the bank. Just fill a little form, create your username and password and you can start to take advantage of all the benefits.

Deposit money in your account at your convenience

Add money to your account on any OXXO or through a SPEI Money transfer.

Secure online shopping

Inside Pavel you'll have a digital card, so you can shop online without having to worry about anything 

Personalized assistance

We won't leave you alone, we'll answer all of your questions or doubts through different channels, it's your choice, chat within the app, WhatsApp, e-mail or by phone.

Shielded transfers

Certify your transfer different ways, you could use Face ID, fingerprint, NIP or if you prefer you can generate a unique token inside Pavel.