Our philosophy

The way we live has changed, everything has evolved towards digital technology, however, our money is still in hands of the same old institutions, it's time to change that.

It is time to move forward to a new age...

Our values


Unlike traditional banks, we won't use your money, it will always be available for you.

Transparency and honestly

Pavel was born under the idea of offering trust to our users, by ending with fine prints, we want to be as transparent as possible with you.


It's not just about speed, we want you to forget about long queues and wasting your time going to a bank. It's all made for you to make everything from your smartphone.


We have different communication channels, it's up to you, we'll always be available for you.


Our app is designed to be easy to use. Offering you a quality service is something very important for us.


We want to end with long bureaucratic processes, we want you to understand that nothing can be longer than your favorite series episodes. That's why we work hard everyday in order to make everything fast and efficient.

The problem that changed everything?

We began developing Pavel in May, 2020. We wanted an app that could give you more control over your money. However, we still needed a bigger motivation. Something that will give more sense to our project. A year later, in the middle of a pandemic emergency, that motivation arrived.

Imagine you are Ricardo Magaña founder of Pavel, you lose your phone in which you had your banking app. Nothing to worry, right? You just buy another smartphone, download the app again. But, what's going on? Your app is not working. You can't use it because you need a physical token, which you are able to get only in Mexico.

Relax, you just have to go to your bank & ask for help. Wrong, there's a pandemic and all of the banks are closed, plus, you're in another country, and to make things worse, they've just blocked your card, cool now you've lost control of your money...

Well, don't panic, you just need to call customer service and this will be solved. Yeah, sure, 5 hours waiting and finally the answer is "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do, sir. You have to get your token from your bank"

Really? A few days ago they offered you an insurance telling you "You're one of our greatest clients" and now, they've just abandoned you saying that due to company politics there is nothing they can do. Are you serious? Nobody thought something like this could happen? What are you supposed to do in another country, in the middle of a pandemic without money?

This surely reminded you of a terrible experience with your bank, right? And we're supposed to be their "best" customers...

After this stressful situation, Pavel had a mission. "Return the freedom to the people". And we did it, we worked really hard in order to create a tool that will give the benefits of a traditional bank, without everything they do wrong.

In January, 2021 comes out a beta for Pavel App, nonetheless, our work is not finished. There's still a lot to improve in order to become our mission a reality.